Shenzhen Aalight Technology Co.,Ltd.


  • foreign trade salas Published Time:2016.08.17
    Working Place ShenZhen
    Wages discuss personally
    Hiring several
    Gender woman
    Age 22-30
    Requirements Junior college degree or above
    Description have an excellent ability to listen,speak,read and write in both English and Chinese.Proficient in foreign trade process, Able to track and maintain the company's customers, independently deal with orders
  • Engineering PE Published Time:2016.08.17
    Working Place Shenzhen
    Wages discuss personally
    Hiring 2
    Gender man
    Age 23-35
    Requirements 1 years or above related working experience, bachelor degree or above, familiar with the product of LED lamps sample
    Description Be able to complete all kinds of engineering data-ship of new products .Document preparation, improve product mold and features ,Proofing materials ,drawing,improve the mechanical structure and other technical problems in production. Treatment of a serious and responsible, good at communication, coordination with strong organizational ability and team spirit;